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Thread: File Error/fixing

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    im on a 56k so bare with me...heh
    are there any websites where i can get CRC files?

    if there arent could some1 plz hav a crc file for heroes 4 cd1,
    56k, 725mb download...a pretty big file

    i know theres 2 errors in it, from the isobuster screen they are at 33219 and 33242

    help anyone?

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    no such place
    try scanning it with cdmage, there is a possability that it can be fixed

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    CRCs are cyclic redundancy checks, which make sure the file is not corrupt.

    And yes, get CDMage.

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    nuts... o well
    thx fer reply... cdmage didnt work on the file so im just redownloading random parts of the file, heh

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    If the download was corrupt, try KCF.


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