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Thread: Live Show/band Videos

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    Ok, hopefully this hasnt been done before, but I thought this would be a really good idea for a thread, with all the "do you have this live video" topics, and such (half are from me )

    (and ya, i got the idea from clicking on 4play's thread, and thinking it was going to be about this type of dealy.)

    Its simple, post what you got, or what you want, and if you got something, just say how you can distribute it = KL, soulseek, (m)irc, and so on i guess...

    I can distribute through KL, Soulseek, and (m)IRC

    I've got...

    - Operation Ivy show; live-in-sacramento-12-26-1988.mpg (412,152); 40.21 minutes long
    - for more opivy goodness, go to
    (the vid i have isnt on that site, but theres other really cool clips)

    - also had a site with (half assed) Bad Religion shows, broken into clips (i got the "best" ones, and if i cant find the site again, ill post the clips)

    I'm looking for...

    - newest Minor Threat DVD
    - Bad Religion "The Riot"
    - any show which focuses on the bassist (RHCP, Primus, somebody with a sick bassist)

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    Site is down at the moment (think thats what it say's) but they had when I last looked:

    PRIMUS - 1989 - 2000

    RHCP - 2 concerts 2002/2003
    RHCP - Tokyo 2003
    RHCP - Bootleg: Psychedelic Sexfunk Live From Heaven

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    Thats quite the sick site, hopefully itll be up soon.

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    got there videos and stuff there.


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