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Thread: Videonow Cds

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    Is there anywhere I can download VideoNow CDs as either images or just the files? My little brother and his friend have a VideoNOw, but can't afford more SpongeBob and Fairly Odd Parents VideoNow CDs. I know they'd be really lad if I could burn them some VideoNow discs. I have a spare mini CD and they're cheap on eBay, so burning them would be no problem. I'm assuming they would play no problem in a VideoNow? Also, is there a way I could take my 200 MB Simpsons episodes and put them on a CD VideoNow could read?

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    Well i doubt youll find any VideoNow Images around the net,its not popular enuogh,and its more of a kids toy/gizmo.but i bet if u popped in that cd into ur comp had the right software u could rip the shows yall already got but hey the best place2check for any ins on bit-torrent or any P2P network(gnutella,fasttrack,etc.).........good luck


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