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Thread: Sims Superstar

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    I ve just loaded an exe file of sims superstar with k-lite of about 190 Mb but it doesnt work. All what happens is that a DOS box is opened for a shot moment and than closed again. Anyone have a clue?

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    Don't use k-lite for games.
    I don't think there's anything you can do.

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    i would love 2 help u but i dont really have much info, is this just a no cd crack or were u expecting the full game. u know u have 2 have the full version of the original sims already installed 2 play superstar. if u do not have either game, i highly suggest using bittorrent and goin 2 to download the sim 8in1 if its still there, i have it, played it briefly but loved it

    u better b careful tho with what u download, i no of a file out their that appears 2 b created by [SM] and im pretty sure its a virus, it opens up in a dos box 4 a second and closes.

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    for games, use (m)irc or bittorrent the corruption and virus rate on k-lite is just too high to take a chance at games. Maybe 1/1000 games is perfectly fine and not a rip.


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