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Thread: Opening File

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    How can i play these files. I tried using Daemon Tools to open. I also tried burning with Nero. Cant seem to find a way to get this going. Also tried using Alchohol 120. Thanks for any help

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    o not try to open the file with nero from the file menu or anything else.. LEAVE NERO closed.. the after nero is installed.. double click on the .nrg file..
    nero will open.. this is fine.. now click burn.. from right where it is..
    The reason it is this way is because it contains the entire files and apps.. *PLUS* All the boot sectors ,,ect ,, infomation to make that cdrom bootable.. ALSO- once the disc is burned the files will apear on the disc from within Windows.. You can boot from it.. or access the file directly after doing this.. It works. I should know.. I just did it 10 mins before writting this help to you. And hadn`t done it before then.. And my disc works lovely. just make sure that nero isn`t open.. "It probably won`t matter" then double click on the .nrg file.
    That help?

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    Thanks for the fast reply. Now i am getting this and if i ignore then windows cant recognise my burned cd:

    Any ideas???

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    First off I would make sure the Nero images (.NRG) files are not fake or made incorrectly, a topic I started about the .nrg files for that game a while back,....

    I have since moved on to a different copy.

    As for the block size it can't be set at 0 that is why nero is giving you the error (not sure if you ignore or fix), I don't think it will burn correctly if you fix it tho

    Nero has a virtual drive (try mounting or browsing) if you see nothing when you browse then you have the copy I mentioned above.
    IsoBuster can browse and or extract file(s) from the nrg file, if there are any in it and I am guessing that there are not.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks for the help. Tried IsoBuster but it didnt work and Nero i cant find the virtual drive thing. Thanks anyway........deleting these files..............


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