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Thread: Haute Tesion

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    can anyone get this movie

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    anyone have this movie

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    the movie is on kaz lite ive tryed getting but the d/l speed is shit is there any way to speed it up :helpsmile:

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    I always had trouble with slow dl speeds until I figured it out. Dude, go to "find more from line and go to "file name, and start a search as you're downloading. This way kazaalite has the user right there and will dl from that user as well, not to mention all the other sources it comes up with.
    This wasnt technical enough, so I am afraid you might not understand...seems everyone hehre is a techie and needs detailed information..wysiwyg, bud. Good luck. My speeds top out at over 100 kbs per file, and I dl 4 at a time sometimes.


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