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Thread: How Is Anonx

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    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I was thinking about getting AnonX, I remember seeing a while back a few users trying it out. I was wondering if anyone is using it now, how is it performing? Is there much of a decrease in p2p/IRC performance?

    I've used a few public anon proxy's before and all reduced my p2pin' to crap and loads of IRC bots wouldn't let me connect.

    Thanks for any responses.

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    I have a slight decrease in speeds depending on where I am. But come on, lets face it. If security is a priority, speed won't be. And if speed is a priority then good luck

    So far, not many problems on irc. If you can't use one person, try another.

    I say give it a try. If you don't like it then cancel and your only out a few bucks. Or you could email their tech support and see if they are still giving out 10 day trials.

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    The service is very excellent so far, after 3 months (speed, reliability, quick to login). Much faster than anonymizer and of course much more capable. I don't know enough about networking tho to know what kind of security implications there might be opening things up to a vpn like this.

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    Works fine and it looks like they intend on growing the system to even make it better...

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    Go take a look on their forum, see what people are saying......

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    works great. sometimes the connection drops but if you set it to auto reconnect (recomended) you shouldn't have a problem unless you are running Overnet, Emule, Edonkey, ODC, DC++. Kazaa and Shearaza work great with it but I run Overnet so it doesn't help me out that much bc it shows firewalled
    just read the forum @ and decide from there
    Make your files the smallest possible to share. If you don't you how I recomend DR. DivX. It will do it for you. We don't want to have to dl that 2.5 gig sh*t for a movie or 2 SVCD's. SMALLEST FORMAT ALWAYS!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the responses. I've signed up. Though a few things not going right, my eMule doesn't DL at all, it just sits looking and queueing forever, occassionally popping up to 1kb/s. My Shareaza sits on "Pending" forever not doing anything, and I've rediscovered that kazaa is crap. I'm using KMD-Clean and when I search anything I get muchmuch less hits than I used to and not many users ?? (nothing to do with anonx though).
    Overnet, though shows Firewalled is now my main guy, getting up to 35kb/s which ain't bad for a 512k connection so I'm pretty much using it for everything now as the rest just won't work for me. Oh, and some IRC, some bots don't work but not bad.
    And yea, seems they are continuing to upgrade the network so lookin' good I hope.

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    Many of these issues are due to having the appearance of being behind a NAT without having reachable ports, these apps see the ports required as being closed while you are on the service, hopefully there is a sloution near soon as AnonX is working towards this as well as faster servers and some type of mulitple IP masking as well, a service that only looks as it is going to get better...

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    Dude,nomatter,u should never pay for a file-sharing service why when u could get a better program FREE? nuff said B)

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    I don't get what you're saying:

    a)because it's not a file-sharing service

    b)its not a program.

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