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Thread: Dvd Re Writer Problem

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    I have just brought a new dvd re-writer to replace my old cdr liteon, so i have a maxtor dvd re- writer and a nec re-writer. I took out old liteon and replaced with the new Nec writer. When i turned the computer on it started up as normal showing both writers as being ok. It was when i went to nero 6 and then my computer that i found that they were not showing??

    any ideas


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    try telling nero which one is the default Burner, do they both show up in my computer, and in device manager

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    Some nero software will only work with the burner it was bundled with,
    This may be the reason.
    I do have nero 5 but it only works with my old drive,
    I use Easy CD for MP3's etc And for my DVD's i use DVD Shrink 103, Nero for the image & DVD decrypter for the Burn.
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    yep , get nero retail v 6 and it works for nost burners

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    yep, i suspect you have an OEM version of nero that was bundled with your old cd writer.

    download a different version.

    EDIT: cross post with dephin


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