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Thread: Lost Some Banners

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    Hi, this may be nothing to do with Kazaa, but a couple of weeks ago I installed Kazaa Resurection v0.0.7 and since then there are some banners on internet explorer that don't seem to work anymore (just shows "the page cannot be displayed" instead). It may be nothing to do with me installing Kazaa Resurection, but seems a bit stange that it happened at the same time. Is there some kind of filter that is included or that I have set that stops some banners from appearing, or am I barking up the wrong tree completely!!! Cheers, Mark.

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    its in your host files you need to edit your host files

    Where can I find that HOSTS file you are talking about?

    This HOSTS file is located here:

    Linux /etc
    Windows 95/98/Me c:\windows\
    Windows NT/2000/XP c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
    (you may need administrator access for Windows NT/2000)

    NOTE: The HOSTS file does NOT have an extention (extensions are the .exe, .txt, .doc, etc. endings to filenames). HOSTS.sam is just an sample file, not the file you need to edit.

    If you don't have a HOSTS file yet, then create an empty textfile and rename it to remove the .txt extension.

    How can I edit the HOSTS file?

    You can open the HOSTS file by right-clicking on it and selecting "open with". Then select Notepad.

    After that you can edit it similar as you would with a normal text file

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    K-Lite installs this, it's called a "supertrick."

    Why would you want to see ads anyway?

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    Thanks - that's worked!!!

    As you were wandering, my wife plays games on line a lot, and her favorite requires you to click on a banner first before you are allowed to play.

    I'm back in the good books now!


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    np boss good luck


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