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Thread: Dropped Files

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    When downloading some files, I've noticed that at some point during the downloading process, the file will be dropped from the Traffic screen and My Shared Folder. Some files are at the 50 to 75 % download point when they are dropped. Does anyone know why this is happening?
    Also, how do I play MVP baseball, two disks, when there is no execute file.
    Thanks for help in advance.

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    the files are corrupt. If u are seeing this a lot, i would advice re-installing your client (cleankmd, k++, kazaa lite etc) and change the folder you download into
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    You may have a corrupt file in your folder which is causing this.
    Regarding MVP Baseball would need to knwo exactly what file types you have, howeer suspect you need to burn to dics which will then allow you to install like a retail game. Ask the question in gameworld where someone else has probably got it.


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