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Thread: Vanishing .dat After Crash

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    While d/l'ing, my comp did an auto-reboot in which the BSOD flashed so fast I could not see what caused the problem. When it came back up, I started KLite again, and expected to see the d/l continue as if I had got my connection cut off. However, it did not find the file. I looked in "My Shared Files" and the .dat file is there, but klite was not "seeing" it.

    Then, being a n00b to this version of klite, tried running KDat to see if that could find it. It did not. However, after closing Kdat, I looked back in "My Shared Files" AND THE .DAT FILE IS GONE!

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Yeah that happened to me a couple of times. The file that u were downloading might be corrupt, or your computer is just messed up, that is why it restarted. Now if it restarts again, there will be a screen asking you to if the computer should do a scan, always press no, becuase it thinks that the file may be corrupt. Oh yeah before you do anything delete everything in you db folder. Hope this helps you.

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    Your comp crashing causes the file to corrupt, and KL deletes corrupt files. Sorry man but it is gone.

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    Originally posted by Cyril@2 April 2004 - 18:23
    Your comp crashing causes the file to corrupt, and KL deletes corrupt files. Sorry man but it is gone.
    that is correct, please backup your dat files for times like this

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    Thanks guys, this is what I figured. Since then, I&#39;ve copied the DAT file every 50 Megs or so.


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