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Thread: Sending Email With A Server?

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    *error in title, should be: Sending Email Without A Server?

    Does anyone know a program(s) that can send an email without the need of a SMTP server?

    Also does anyone know of a email server type program. (pop3/smtp)

    I prefer freeware (does not matter too much) and must run on windows.

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    You can use an anonymous remailer. There are also a few remailer programs like mixmaster that are not web based. Riot is another good web one. if you use a program instead of the web you need to keep your list updated with new servers.

    It's not so much your sending it without an smtp server though. In a practical sense I can't think of any other way to send email besides using some type of smtp or esmtp mail server.

    Serverwatch has a detailed list of mail servers for your second question.

    You can also relay your email through your own server instead of your isp's.


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