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Thread: Avg Free Edition Probs

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    Am I the only one experiencing problems trying to download updates for AVG Free edition?

    I cannot download them from the website or internally by the software
    Overnet Lite 0.53

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    maybe they are getting ddos
    IDK but a few days a ago it was super slow, but haven't had problems yet, but my friend couldn't downloaed it

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    stuff the free edition...........much the same on pro
    however you can get 7 on suprnova much better

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    try a mirror site for the uploads

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    I've had the problem as well when I used AVG. That and the fact that it all the sudden turned into an email server version.

    I think sharedholder posted an update tool for AVG somewhere on the board. You might want to have a look at that.

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    Avg Free Edition, Downloads are available every two weeks, Very Rear they will update before, i have only known them to do this once in two years.
    You will know when there is a download available when the window turnes Red and states need update, It's at the bottom left hand side.

    I have been using Avg for two years now, I can't fault it yet,
    it's really worth buying, Then you will recive up to date protection.

    If you click on update now, and it say's unable to connect, then there is no update available for the free version.

    Hope of some help
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    I bought my pro version from alta\/

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    Well, then in my case I "bought" it as well.

    AVG is really great. Totally recommend it, and 7.0 is much better than the free version, even though I got the weird "suddenly becoming E-mail server edition" thing.
    AVG doesn't have as many download servers as NOD32. Well, it only has one, or so the config file says. I know there is another server you can choose by manually editing the config file, but I don't know what it is right now.
    The 6.0 auto-updater can be found here (although I think the creator said there was a problem with it).

    At the moment I'm trying NOD32 (my company is thinking of choosing another anti-virus), and it seems really great. I like it as much as AVG so far, but I like the on-demand scanner of NOD32 more.

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    there is the pro version, pm me for a crack :eek:

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@3 April 2004 - 03:44

    there is the pro version, pm me for a crack :eek:
    No thanks. AVG makes me sick.

    I&#39;m going to give nod32 a try and see if it compares to Norton, corp that is.

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