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Thread: Overnet Lite Prob

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    Am I the only one who after running Overnet Lite for more than about 5 minutes it kills my connection? I am running it on 56K with the connection limits set at 3 kb/s
    Overnet Lite 0.53

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    What do you mean by it killing your connection, and are you running any other applications, or P2P programs???

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    It kills my connection too!

    This means - overnet or any other program which includes internet explorer can not download or upload , the connection goes dead , a reboot is the only cure!

    This can occur after 5 minutes or 5 hours but it usually occurs at least 1 time a night when it is running - when i check overnet in the morning the connection is dead!

    I have been using overnet for 3-4 months & this has happened since day 1.
    No other p2p programs are running & this can happen even after a fresh reboot.
    My specs - XPPro 512Mb ram , running cacheman
    did it with dialup now does it also with ADSL-256K broadband.

    Even with this problem overnet is better than emule for me.
    I can download at around 15-24 & can download around 1.5Gb in 24 hours!

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    Yeah i have the same problem with the original overnet. I have adsl 128k

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    I had this problem in the past, but funny thing is i also had it with Kazaa. Might be something in settings, cause it dont really happen to me anymore.

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    the trick is to limit # of connections, and upload bandwidth to no more then 80% max (in KB not Kb)

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    ummm, i dont think limiting the bandwidth will help that much..

    i have the same problem... (at least i think so)...

    every once in awhile IE and AIM just stop working.. (aim wont reconnect, and IE wont load any pages)... this only happened since i installed overnet im guessing it has something to do with it..

    Also, im gettign very very slow speeds... usually around 2-4kb/sec... it seems like everyone is on 56k or something... maybe it has something to do with the way overnet works.. because i'm uploading to a bunch of people at like 1-2kb/sec...when my max upload is 50kb/sec...

    can i limit the number of users that i upload to at one time (like soulseek/kazaa/etc.)?

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    Its a major pain in the a$$... i cant even run overnet , unless i dont use any other apps at the same time...

    It just completely kills my pc, everything slows down to an unbearable pace..
    In the sys monitor it shows very little cpu usuage too, but everything runs extremely slow..

    Any suggestions?

    overnet.exe is set to 'normal' priority also..


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