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Thread: I Lost It

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    Hi to all. I found a fantastic program called "Drive Scrubber" So having a second hard drive for a year and filling it with all sorts of stuff that I never use, I used Drive Scrubber to clean it.Drive scrubber is on a floppy disc and is so easy to use that you won't believe it. Anyway now I cannot find my second hard drive and I remember that I read somewhere that you have to format or do something else before it will appear again. So please tell me in simple language how to do it!
    I have Windows XP Prof.
    Thank you all and have a good day
    Cheerio. gotcha

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    who me?
    you could get partition magic, and use it to format the drive while still in windows. it works nice. i use it

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    or right click my computer>manage>disk management>right click ur drive\partition and select format.

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    Originally posted by ROSSCO_2004@2 April 2004 - 16:25
    or right click my computer>manage>disk management>right click ur drive\partition and select format.
    this is the right way to do it

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    The drive isn't showing up in 'My Computer' because it has no partition. Use Disk Management to create a partition then format it.

    In the Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management.

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    Hi to all. Thanks very very much for helping. I did as you suggested re going to disc management and all is fine!
    Cheerio and have a nice day.

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