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Thread: Lmao Avg Pop Ups Alerting 4 Virus

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    so i scan nothing turn off systemrestore nothing scan in safe mode nothing looked in the virus vault nothing norton did the same shit with me but i removed those virus's with avg yesterday, i wake up and it says there still there but there no where to be found... :helpsmile: :helpsmile: i dunno whats going on do i have a virus, that can be detected but not detected during a scan.. :helpsmile:

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    what where you doing when you got the first virus warning?

    If you were browsing the net then delete the internet cache.

    Also check the processes in task manager to see if there is anything that shouldnt be there. look at the bottom of this page for processes info

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    yeah that happened to me. Its the cache. Delete all cookies and internet files.

    Then run Ad aware you should be fine then.

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    i was sleeping at the time but overnet was runing, i did delete all my cookies and internet files ill run adaware but thats not for virus is it?

    i found 5 prosess's that wernt on the list, what should i do if my av doesnt pickem up? should i turn off my comp or somthing?

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    Several of those look like services always running in Windows.
    You can get rid of them by click run, and enter: services.msc
    Black Viper made a tutorial on it

    Here's a list of the non-common processes

    RegSeeker can allow you to easily see and cleanup your start-up registry. (no install and very efficient)

    As for Spy-ridding software, I like Spysweeper (the full version, not the trial version). But Ad-aware would be fine. They can find some trojans. Not really relavent viruses, just annoying.

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    well ive tried a scan with like 4 anti virus so im pretty sure my comp i safe....

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    I&#39;ve had the same problem,
    If your virus reocures make note of it&#39;s name,
    Goto search in your start menu
    type the name of the visus "A000........" Eg
    Find it&#39;s home, Make note of the folder name it&#39;s in for future ref : Then set your AVG to do a manual test in that folder.
    It&#39;s should find ok.
    If not you need to try to move the virus to a diferant area on your pc so it&#39;s easier for AVG to recognise.

    Dam Buggers have been going into system&#092;information

    Hope of some help
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