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Thread: Problems With My Isp

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    I recently had a very serious problem with my computer and was forced to completely reformat my hard drive and install windows all over again. The installation went fine and my cable connection (Road Runner High Speed) was able to connect right from the start. I downloaded all the neccessary windows updates and have even run Azureus a few times, no problems.

    I didnt notice any problems until now (a few days later). I installed games that play online like CS and Call of Duty. The problem is when i run the games online i get horrible lag spikes (from 20-40 ping, my norm suddenly to over 600 ping.

    Does neone know whats going on with my connection? Am i supposed to reconfigure my internet connection somehow?

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    dam i have that too i got DSL and sometimes i run a Soldier of Fortune II DOUBLE HELIX GOLD EDITION server and when i come into it, it fuckni lags like whore i really have no idea what to do about it tho sry

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    get net limiter.
    should fing out whats goin on.

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    you sure its not the servers you are connecting to.

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    Turn off any p2p apps they can give you a high ping.


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