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Thread: File Sharing Strategy

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    Hi everybody,

    I think all of you has heard about the new ISP policies.
    RIAA and others plan to stop illegal filesharing, they will do all the best to achieve this.

    It's a real war, with missile - antimissile strategies.
    Remember the Napster story. They stopped Napster and central servers - the missile, the filesharing community developped peer2peer and distributed networks - the antimissile.

    A new missile is coming : identification of peer2peer data flow (IP packet filtering), in order to stop it.

    Is the Kazaa community preparing the antimissile ?


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    they will never stop us

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    There are ways to mask your IP arent there? im sure ive heard it said in other places in the forum and if they dont exist that is sure to be the next weapon added to the p2p arsenal.

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    And which of those organizations do you belong to Guz??

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    I think there's sooooooo many people willing to share that even if they get Kazaa-community closed, new ones will appear.
    They killed Napster but did it stop us?
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    Yeah they wont be able to stop us. :pirate:

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    They can try but they will neva stop us :beerchug: at least I hope they wont , Just think about your ISP do you think that they are really going to make much effort to stop illegal filesharing because if they successfully stop illegal filesharing then how many customers around the world will they loose in total , hundreds? , thousands? and how many new customers do they loose who only want the broadband packages to download films etc???

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    Originally posted by RPerry@11 March 2003 - 12:41
    And which of those organizations do you belong to Guz??
    You're very clever. It's a quality in a war. That's why spying is called 'Intelligence'.

    I don't belong to these organisations. But does it really matter ?
    The fact is that these organisations, engineers of these organisations, will spy the evolution of the filesharing world, anyway. I could be a spy, many people could be spies.

    The point is to be clever, to understand which kind of weapons ISP's network engineers do have, which technics they will use to filter Kazaa flow, to trace people who do filesharing. Understand how the next missile will hurt you.

    From that, we just have to develop the anti-missile.

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    I don't belong to these organisations. But does it really matter ?

    maybe it sounded better in your head, not when you wrote it down. and YES it DOES matter.

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    threaten to kill their new borns...thats a good deterrant.

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