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Thread: Dvd To Cdr

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    I am sure this is not new info but well worth posting, I hope.

    I have trawled through the various sites looking for ways to copy down loaded files and films to a CDR disc that will play on a stand-alone DVD player. However, to the computer stupid like me its may as well be written in Welsh. It all just flies over my poor head.

    However, I may have found a little some thing that will help dumb asses like my self. I have just down loaded.

    DVD Wizard Pro (Put this in the search engine on Kaz-lite )

    It looks like an all Buzzer & Bangs click and use program for the terminally stupid such as my self. Well lets hope so.

    What is the problem with all the other sites on this subject and related sites like it you may ask? Well that is a simple one. In telling you what you should know the authors assumes you all ready know all the abbreviations for the technical stuff. If you donít then you get lost in it as I do.

    (in putting CDR i have done it my self sheesh sorry Compact Disc Writer)

    Brilliant site fantastic advice thanx guys

    Unafraid Cheese

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    na its the same as before but its a lot easier to follow.

    Loads of tools to down load with this. I`ll give it a go whats the worst that can happend.

    Unafraid Cheese.

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    forget all the above its harder than knitting spagety.

    please remove all the above should of read it first beore posting.
    its started well then just flowed into some other language i am just unable to grasp.

    Unafraid Cheese


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