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Thread: Ghost Recon Desert Siege

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    does anyone know how to install the Desert Siege to the rip??
    i tried with original game.exem but no luck
    it still gives an error that says can't find Ghost recon folder, so does anyone know how to install it without having the full retail version of Ghost Recon
    i think there should be someway to trick the InstallShield Wizard thing
    waiting for an answer desparately

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    Have You tried setting the registry entries? I haven't the game installed right now, but it might use (at least) these entries:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon:
    ExeName, REG_SZ, GhostRecon.exe
    InstalledPath, REG_SZ, <Your install. dir here>
    (maybe these too InstallType, REG_SZ, Full
    Language, REG_SZ, English UK <or> English US
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE&#092;SOFTWARE&#092;Red Storm Entertainment&#092;Ghost Recon&#092;Versions:
    ghostrecon, REG_SZ, <Your installed version number here>

    Make those with regedit, if it doesn&#39;t work, I could try to free enough hd-space to install the game and check the entries...
    Can&#39;t promise anything though, I&#39;m losing my net connection soon and I need some stuff downloaded before it does, and I really don&#39;t have extra space...

    Hope U get it to work, quite nice add-on&#33; Well, I think every Rainbow Six is great&#33;&#33;
    Life is a bug, then You crash&#33;


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