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Thread: Media Player Classic Too Slow

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    i just installed mega codec pack 1.01 and now ALL videos (avi, divx, mpeg) play at normal speed, but with about 3 fps. even uninstalling the mega codec pack und reinstalling it (or installing the codec pack 2.25 full) did not help.

    all videos play in mplayer2 ( correctly and smothly.

    could there be any codecs that dont like each other?


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    if i save the mplayerc.exe to a new location and uninstall the mega codec pack then, i can play most of the movies perfectly with mplayerc - but then i can play ALL of them because the codecs are not installed.

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    Options > Player > Store settings to .ini file

    Disable that.

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    After installing the mega Pack - if i double clik on the mediaplayerclassic screen - to make it full screen- or if i zoom in 200% - the window is Black........???????

    Please advize

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    well my player works fine

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    generaly its the ffdshow filter that gets currupted, try downloading the filter from sound forge and see if it helps


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