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Thread: Burn To Disk

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    Once I'v downloaded a movie how do you burn it to disk.
    Do you just copy the file to DVD or CD or do you have to convert it first before it will play in a DVD player

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    you will need a pogram like nero,vcd easy or ulead dvd movie factory to make a vcd or dvd.any of these pograms will almost do all the work for you encoding burning.but if you want to fix your video like colors bring up brightness a better color to the video you can use tmpgenc 2.5 this pogram almost does it all you will be happy with this pogram.

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    If you only have a CD Writer you will need to convert to VCD. See link in sig below. Test first that your DVD player will play this format. If you have a DVD Writer check this site for more help

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    There is easy cd/dvd creator with S/N on a site and updates are easy to get from roxio


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