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Thread: Top 5 Kiss Albumz

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    1. Hotter Than Hell - [All The Way]

    - there something about the rawness in this album I really like.... one of Eddie Kramer's early productions. Well done Rock and Roll

    2. KISS - [Let Me Know]

    - probably the best debut album ever, except maybe Kissin' Time and Love Theme, theese songs are all classics.... though most of them are much better in live versions

    3. Unmasked - [Torpedo Girl]

    - a BRILLIANT album, I think this must have been the very defenition of pop-rock..

    4. The Elder - [The Oath]

    - Their very own rock-musical... and with a great message too: "I believe in something more than you can understand... Yes! I believe in me!"

    5. Revenge - [Spit]

    - The Kings are back in town.... If KISS would've stayed with this line-up and sound, they just might could've conquered the world once again...


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    Stop it with this shit dude!


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