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Thread: Top 5 Iron Maiden Albumz

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    1. Iron Maiden - [Iron Maiden]

    - This is an album that says: "Wherever you are, Iron Maiden's gonna get you no matter how far...

    2. Powerslave - [Powerslave]

    - I've always had a thingy (a healthy one) 'bout those egyptian scales, and this is by far the best Dickinson-album. Everything is well done, and Ace is high...

    3. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - [The Clairvoyant]

    - This album you can play on repeat for 48 hours, and still you wanna hear it again... every songs a good one...

    4. Brave New World - [The Thin Line Between Love & Hate]

    - Once again Maiden proved themselves to their fans and delivered an real Maiden album without falling into clichés... however, it does suffer a bit from the repeative refrains from the Blaze Bailey dayz

    5. No Prayer For The Dying - [Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter]

    - This was actually the first Maiden album I bought, and what got me into the band... It's Maiden with a double doze of humor


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    Ohhh dude.I have to think about this one.My favorite band and all.

    I will give you my Favorite Album of all time though.....

    "Somewhere in Time".....every Song fucking rocks.Synthesizers work good with Iron Maiden as long as they do not take them too far, and they used them perfectly on this Album.

    They were at their peak in 1986.And this Album proves that.

    The next 4 later.

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    heres mine

    1 Brave New World
    2 Number Of The Beast
    3 Seventh son of seventh son
    4 Dance Of Death
    5 Powerslave


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