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    Can anyone tell me about a icon beside a file I have downloaded. It is a white rectangle with a blue stripe across the top. When I tried to open the file it just dissapeared. I downloaded it again thnking I had done something accidentaly and the same thing happened. Any suggestions? (Kind ones please)


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    Hmmm.. pretty vague....

    It might help to know what operating system your're on, and where the file is. Perhaps providing a link to the file....

    But usually, when I get icons, they come in packs and archived.

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    OK. The file I was looking for was Nokia unlocker 1.2. That file was not available but there were quite a few others so I just clicked on download and it came through. I am using XP. Maybe if you could do a search for that file the same one may come up and then you could see the icon beside the file. I am not really clued in that much with PC&#39;S. I know the icons mean programmes like. P"Point,Word, Media file, doc, pic but the icon I tried to describe I have no idea and as I said when I double clicked on it to open the whole file just vanished on me.

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    Maybe I am saying the wrong word when I say Icon. What I am talking about is the symbol next to the file I am downloading that I do not know what it is.

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    Wow, I really hope you ran a virus check first.

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    Yeah, that sounds like it could be bad....

    An icon for Windows would have the ".ico" extension (which is hidden by default), but it would be nothing more than a small image. You probably downloaded some baaaad program.

    Virus and Spyware removal tools that you should keep in mind.
    nasane has a pretty recent version of the NOD32 on-demand scanner (no install).

    Now, I&#39;m not saying it&#39;s a virus, but it could be. And about trying to get that file... I don&#39;t know what it is, but maybe you should avoid that site.

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    Me again about the icon. I did a search on Kazza for the nokia file and that is where I found the file. I also did a virus check and it came back al clear. Could someone please just do a search on Kazza for nokia unlocker and maybe you will then see the icon I am talking about. You are all scaring the pants of me and believe me that would be scary as well, after all I am nearing the big 50.

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    that symbol is an application (program). it might be nothing, it might be something, we really do not have enough information to determine that. one possibility is that you could have downloaded some type of virus program that some asswipe named nokia unlocker. hell, it could even be some greedy capitalist pig at nokia trying to punish filesharers. or maybe it is nothing.

    I did a search on K++ and found 3 results:
    nokAll (nokia unlocker) 244kb
    all nokia unlocker even new nokia its great 98 kb
    nokia universal unlocker all levels 36 kb

    they are all .exe files (programs), though i dont know if they are malicious programs (virus, trojan, etc.). best thing for you to do is this...first, be VERY careful about opening or running any .exe program. second, update your virus checker (live update) and run a full system scan. if it is a virus, this should take care of the problem.
    good luck
    ps. is your nokia unlocked now by the way?
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    You really shouldn&#39;t download from the fast track network unless you have to. Certainly if you don&#39;t know the icon for an exe file.

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    Hello all who helped me. I downloaded a anti trojan shield and scanned the computer and there were three virus&#39;s and all is well and they had come through withthe Nokia stuff. Took my phone in and got it unlocked at a cost of &#036;40. I am having a problem with codec. I have tried to read info on in but am getting very lost. I have video&#39;s that will not play as I do not have the codec they require. I have tried to find out what I need to download but it just gets too technical for me. Is there a easy way to find out what I need?


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