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Thread: Applying For A Job Online....

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    This is a question primarily for people who've applied online for a job for Best Buy, Circuit City, Finish Line, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster Video, and so on.
    This might be lengthly, but please, hear me out.

    All these online applications are controlled by "Unicru" based in ATL, Georgia.

    The thing is, on these applications (made by Unicru) are 20 Questions that ask how you handle a certain situation, what kind of person are you, and so on. Before answering the questions, it says that your answers will not determine wether you will be employed or not. There is, I believe, right and wrong answers to these questions, even though Im not too sure of this. Here is why: I answer the questions not following my personal references, but what sounds good; thats what the employer wants to hear anyway. Basically, I lie my ass off when it comes to these things, because if I were to answer the questions truthfully, they'll never hire my ass; the application asks questions like "Do you tell someone off when they make you angry? Do you say whatever is on your mind? Do you like to work alone?" I would mostly answer yes to these type of questions, but would an employer really want a employee who tells people off when he gets pissed or say whatever is on his mind, even if it was something horrible? I pretty sure the answer is no. So, as I said, I lied to make everything on the questionaire to sound good...really good. I've applied to Hollywood Video, confident that I would get the job since I've sugarcoated everything. I've waited a week; I gave them a call, told them who I was, they've looked me up, and told me "We're sorry, but you've failed the character assessment. You'll have to fill up another application."
    Same shit happend with Best Buy.
    So, I was wondering, is there really right and wrong answers to this quiz, or is it really up to me? Because I've done these things many times, sugarcoated everything, and still failed.

    I hope all of this doesnt sound stupid, but Im in a desperate need for a job.....

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    perhaps they can tell that you bullshitted your way through it.

    add some "bad" answers in there so it looks more authentic.

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    I've done that several times....didnt succeed....

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    Could be they just don't like you.

    I have that problem.

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    so, he does
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    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    Do You have a link to those tests its sounds interesting.

    about the question "do you like to work alone" no boss likes loners - and as ive heard in America - its all about Team spirit - team work team blah

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    you never write truthfully to these tests....wut a naive boy/gurl

    Did you think i'll ever be hired if I didn't lie a little in my resume? no fking way


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    is everything.
    Originally posted by james_bond_rulez@4 April 2004 - 10:55
    you never write truthfully to these tests....wut a naive boy/gurl

    Did you think i'll ever be hired if I didn't lie a little in my resume? no fking way

    Did you even read his post?

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    These "tests" are designed in such a way as to identify people who are trying to fill in the "correct" answers.

    If you answer one question a certain way, then there are others which should have a similar answer. Based on these answers you will fit into a personality type. So that type of person will give consistent answers, which other similar personality types will also give.

    The questions are in groups, but they are not all beside each other, that would be too easy. So if your answers are inconsistent they will reject you out of hand. You simply don't get loners who like working in team situations.

    Try answering honestly and see how you get on. Or alternatively get someone who you think they would like to answer the questions honestly. Remember tho' that when you go for interview they will expect a certain type of person to sit in front of them.

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    If you have a bit of money why not become "self employed"

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    Shit....I would....but I dont have that much experience.....

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