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Thread: Looking For Oregon Trail

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    Me and my bro have been bored and wanna try to get some old games. Anyone know where I can ger the last Oregon Trail or games like it?

    EDIT: hmm... I guess its OT 3 thats the latest version. Supposed to have some nice graphics.
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    Thanks. I still havent found OT3 though.

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    Underdogs used to have it. Dunno if they still do.

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    lmao that was such a gay game but it was the one of the few i had 2 play back in grae school, does anybody remember some of these typing/math games? i cant remember any of their names but...

    -one was like some little mountain climber dude and had 2 solve puzzles,
    -one was some crime stopper guy where u had 2 go into a school and i think it was full of like robots that shot math problems at u
    -then there was marios type and teach or something where mario ran acros the screenand u had 2 type the specific letter 2 make him jump in time
    - and then i had some fish game where u had 2 solve puzzle 2 make ur aquairium better or something

    lol those its so hard 2 remember clearly through all the drugs but those were fun back in the day


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