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Thread: Files Dropped When Downloading

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    As files, movies specifically, are downloading and showing up in My Shared Folder, all od a sudden, the file disappears both from Traffic on KazaaLite and in My Shared Folder. This is happening more and more. Files will be at 50 to 75% range and just disappear. I reinstalled KazaaLite but that doesn't seem to help. Others have suggested that the file is no good. But it keeps happening. Can anyone provide views on how to correct this problem? Thanks for your help.

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    This is generally due to corruption, since Kazaa clients, if thats what your using, dosen't have much to prevent corruption then if a file becomes corrupt it will just be removed. This can be caused by a number of things such as a poor connection on dialup and so forth. If you cannot find or resolve this issue you could either do backups of the dat file at different stages, which is a hassle, or use a different app that can prevent this from happening such as eMule or others...


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