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Thread: Klr Optimum Settings

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    Hi, I wandered if anyone can help me out. I'm on broadband through cable with a speed of 600k, but am still only achieving low download speeds most of the time, even after trying the search more thing. I've tried some of the things that are suggested elsewhere, but had no luck increasing this. I was wandering if someone could tell me the optimum settings for my connection as I think I may be set up wrong.

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    your download speed depends on the # of sources for it and their upload speed, anddon't be fooled by whatyou see in the search window they are not an indication of who is available for connection so change supernodes to see if you get lucky, also use localized supernodes, also try changing ports, and lower your upload bandwidth,remove the no ip sources from your dat files and see if it helps , and if you have a router you need to getkanat

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    OK. Thanks for the help. I'll try jumping supernodes and removing the no IP's.


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    Got router™?

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    Originally posted by haxor41789@4 April 2004 - 17:52
    Got router™?

    Why, yes I do, as a matter of fact.

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    Was I asking you?


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