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Thread: Is This Motherboard Or Processor

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    Mar 2004
    you may know that i killd myy last motherboard...

    iim using the processor out of that board.

    im using a motherboard that was apparently being thhrown out of somewhere, so chances are it could be that.

    is it possible thatt somethingother than my motherboad is causing keyboard problems.

    (im gonna check the keyboard out now. funnily i never thought that this ould cause itself to be eratic )
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    im slightly confused as you havent really told us your problem, u just said could the motherboar be cauing your keyboard problems

    well anyway, maybe try using a USB keyboard if you are currently trying a ps2 one??? or reset cmos (not sure why this would help lol)

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    do you have another keyboard to test, sometimes the board's BIOS don't mix well with certain keyboards - if that's the case then it needs a damn good thrashing, i mean flashing
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