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Thread: Bat/generic Virus

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    Last week I picked up a BAT/Generic virus C:\WINNT\system32|chKexec.bat My AVG picked it up and it was put into the virus vault where I have deleted it. When I turn on my computer and periodically during a session a warning from AVG pops up informing me that I still have this virus, even though it does not show up on subsequent scans. In the past I've located the infected file and just deleted it manually, but now I've lost the ability to use the search function in XP to find it. I know exactly where it is but I can't get to it to try to delete . I've also scanned with Ad Aware and Spybot and although they both removed some stuff my BAT/Generic remains (not being able to search for ANYTHING is really annoying) Any sugestions?

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    Try entering the exact path of the directory the file is contained within into explorer

    edit: not your internet browser, sorry, although it'd work in your browser if you use internet explorer...
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    i don't really understand when you say you know where it is, but can't get to it...

    If you're having problems deleting a stubborn file you could try booting up in safe mode and doing it from there.
    Somehting which commonly causes viruses to still be picked up after deletion is XP's system restore function, if the virus scanner finds it but can't delete it then theres a chance that this might be the cause. Turn off system restore (maybe just for the infected drive), run the full virus scan and then turn it back on if you want. NB doing that will erase all your system restore data!!

    I'm not sure if that helps, i didn't really understand what you meant

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    Thanks ilw, I rebooted in safe mode as you suggested and was able to search for that file and delete it(no more virus warnings). When I rebooted again normally everything seems fine except I STILL can't search for file when I click on search. When "for file and folders" come up and I click on it nothing happens except for all functions freezing for about 15 seconds. Any more good ideas?

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    When deleting a virus you have to TURN OFF SYSTEM RESTORE.

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    ^^ thats the correct answer

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    Where do I turn off system restore?

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    Originally posted by maxtor@4 April 2004 - 18:52
    Where do I turn off system restore?
    Turn off sytem restore.


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