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Thread: Soulseek Problem With Win98?

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    I have downloaded and installed soulseek and got to reading their FAQ page and seen this,
    Q: After using Soulseek for a while, I can't seem to do anything else with my Internet connection. Websites won't load, ftp clients won't connect, etc

    A: This seems to happen a lot on older versions of Windows. Win2k and WinXP don't exhibit that problem. If you're using Windows 95 or Windows 98, you can improve your situation by editing the appropriate registry key. Here are more detailed instructions courtesy of user 111110101011:

    should i not be using soul seek with windows 98? I dont want to fk up my puter.

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    I dont think SoulSeek would have sex with your PC,
    atleast not so hard that the Hardware would be damaged.

    On software side:

    You can make a backup and tweak away.

    I would just tweak away on and eventually reinstall win98,
    it always went to that when i was using it.

    You could get yourself a XP.

    Dont get yourself a win ME, thats sucky OS.

    These are just my humble opinions.
    Also, this? forums is a good place to look for info.

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