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Thread: Me Shutdown - "system Querry" Error

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    I have a machine running Windows ME.

    Everytime we go to shut it down the "Task Not Closing" message box comes up entitled System Query

    We have to end the task and the machine does not shut down windows properly.

    Does anyone know what the message "System Querry" means ?

    I cannot find a file or any references to System Querry.



    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    it is probably spyware, get you adaware and run it on your computer, also update and scan for viruses. When you install adaware make sure you update the definition files on it too before you scan.

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    Thanks Firefox.

    I hope it is spyware because a quick read of some of the links noted by Zedaxx above look positvely scarey. A if it is a driver or hardware error.

    What makes you think it may be spyware ?

    Why would spyware people want to stop my machein from sgutting down properly ?


    PS I Like your burning floppy logo !
    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    when the computer is shutting down, it shuts down all running processes and if some of those processes are adaware, and the computer is having problems shutting down the service that runs that process, since it is a hidden process it may have trouble shutting it down hence giving you the error. Try that first and see what you find. you can find it HERE and thanks for the flowers.


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