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Thread: How Do You Organize Your Files

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    Well I organize mine as fallows...

    Artist / Artist [Year] - Album Title / Artist - Track # - Title

    All files are also completely tagged.
    I also include an M3u, Cover Art (Full Size) and an occasional NFO in each folder.

    Artist - 00 - Album Title.m3u
    Artist - 00 - Album Title.nfo
    Artist - 00 - Album Title-back.jpg
    Artist - 00 - Album Title-cd.jpg
    Artist - 00 - Album Title-front.jpg

    Don't Like

    Messes And Individual A-Z.

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    Track # - Track Name

    You people can figure out what the artist and album are just by look at the folders ffs . As for the Album art....

    Album Art [Back Cover]
    Album Art [Front Cover]
    CD Art

    And for the m3u....

    00 - Album Title

    ....I'm thinking about going with the way that you tag them Reality....that is the way you tag the cover art.

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    I have my track names like so:

    01 - Track Name

    All my albums are tagged and renamed in the same format. Only keep 2 other files besides the tracks and thats a review from AMG and the folder.jpg

    Why do people keep the m3u ?

    I know I should keep the NFO to support the release groups but its extra files to load into SoulSeek so fuck it :music1:


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