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Thread: Kazaa Uploading Problems

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    Hey everyone this is my first time posting here. I have a serious problem that is starting to really tick me off.

    I can not upload with Kazaa AT ALL. Let me get the general information out of the way.

    I DO NOT use a firewall
    I DO NOT use a router
    My OS is Windows XP
    My ISP Is Optimum Online
    I Use Klite+++ 2.4.3

    Now for some reason my upload will begin and then stop at 64-128k and say "Aborted". This happeneds 99.9% of the time.

    I have tried various different settings.

    I have 3 computers and have directly connected each on the main cable modem and they get the same problem. My friend about 15 miles away is getting the
    same problem and also uses Optimum online.

    Im starting to think its the ISP that is blocking any outgoing traffic. If they are, are they doing it via Outgoing ports? If so is there a way around this? How can i tell if they are, and if they arent what else could it be.

    One thing i do know, its not the other user aborting.. I will have 50-100 different people trying to download and all stop at 64-128k

    Thanks alot

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    DAMN IT!

    I know this problem, I just can't remember how to fix it.


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