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Thread: A New Supertrick Installer

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    Supertrick XG
    Last Project Update: July 11, 2004 | Last Post Update: July 11, 2004
    Supertrick XG is designed to edit a standard Windows file called HOSTS to restrict access to websites or servers. Using this trick you can block websites that serve ads or ones that might compromise your privacy and security. This also speeds up the loading time of websites, because the ads don't have to be downloaded. It also has many more options that concern pop-ups, security, usability (some of which are specific to the needs of the OS). Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher is required for options noted as requiring Internet Explorer.

    Download the Supertrick XG Installer
    Version 1.5 <---Hosted on FileSharingPlace, thanks to NightStalker
    Version 1.4 <---Hosted on KLiteTools by sharedholder.
    Version 1.4 <---Hosted by haxor41789 with it&#39;s own domain name.

    For the Supertrick XG project page and Supertrick XG Forums, check the links in my sig.

    **Please note that this post has been abandoned.**
    **If you want updates or information, visit the links in my sig**

    The complete changelog
    Changes in version 1.4:
    - Setup now compiled with Inno Setup 4.2.7
    - The installer components menu is now in a tree-like format. This will allow for easier reading and choosing of components. Some components will not inherit the check from it&#39;s parent checkbox because those options are not for every user.
    - Updated the links in the uninstall information to the project&#39;s current home. Also included links to the new Supertrick XG Forums.
    - Created and added the HOSTSupdater, a wizard that will download and install the latest HOSTS file entries without reinstalling Supertrick XG. Requires internet connection at time of use.
    - Added an option to run CWShredder to remove CWS browser hijackers. It is recommended that you use the "check for update" feature. Before it is executed, another small CWS remover will be executed to prevent CWShredder from being closed by a trojan.
    - The HOSTS file switch will now unlock the HOSTS file before disabling HOSTS file protection, so you don&#39;t need to use the UnlockHOSTS tool before the HOSTS File switch. The user will have to use the LockHOSTS tool to lock the HOSTS file when HOSTS file protection is reenabled.
    - When configuring the DNS client service, "disable" is now checked by default.
    - DNS Client service now stops when choosing to set it to "manual" or "disabled" without needing to reboot.
    - The Windows Messenger service is now stopped when disabling it without needing to reboot. It also stops before it is uninstalled if the user chooses to uninstall it. This may help prevent the need for a reboot.
    - Rid the need of a few more batch files to allow for a cleaner installation.
    - Made lockHOSTS and unlockHOSTS work on Windows 9x/NT based machines instead of having separate files for each.
    - The option to lock the HOSTS file is checked by default because the HOSTS file switch will unlock it to disable HOSTS file protection.
    - The option to install Microsoft Internet Explorer Power Tweaks Web Accessories is no longer checked by default. That way, the only people who should install it are the people who know what it is and how to use it.
    - Microsoft IE Power Tweaks Web Accessories is now installed silently.
    - Removed more HOSTS file entries that conflicted with legitimate sites, thanks to OPaul and others. Also removed several invalid entries.
    - Added more HOSTS file entries to block more undesireables, but most noteably, many "Shock Sites" are now being blocked, thanks to true_neo for the entries.
    - Increased the amount of malicious ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer that can be blocked by Supertrick XG.
    - Added more sites that can be placed in the restricted sites zone of Internet Explorer.
    - The option to create a HOSTS file editor icom in the Quick Launch bar is now unchecked by default.
    - The start menu icons have been reorganized and two internet shortcuts have been added, one for the Supertrick XG Project page, and the other leads to the Supertrick XG Forums.
    - More components and options regarding system security have been added to the Supertrick XG Installer.
    - Other minor tweaks, fixes, and changes in appearance.

    I have tested it on Windows XP Pro SP1 and it works perfectly. Uninstallation is clean, and will place everything back the way it was, except services which don&#39;t cause any conflicts and can be changed manually by using the registry patches in "RegPatches" directory of the Supertrick XG installation directory (version 1.4 and above). Another method is explained on the project page

    NOTE: Uninstallation may seem like it&#39;s frozen, but just let it do it&#39;s work. It takes a little time to remove only the installed HOSTS file entries. This only applies if you choose not to clear the HOSTS file upon uninstallation (version 1.3 and above).

    If anyone has any issues or requests, it would be greatly appreciated and will only serve to make the installer better for everyone.

    -- Xero Grid --
    <span style='color:green'>Supertrick XG Forums</span> | Supertrick XG - Your solution to ads, pop-ups, malicious code, and the rest of the garbage just floating around the web.

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    Very nice indeed.

    Why is blocked?

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    I merged a bunch of HOSTS files totalling well over 73,000 servers, and I did my best to filter out anything that caused problems. I don&#39;t go to that site, so I didn&#39;t catch that one. I&#39;ll take it out, next time.

    Some of the bad entries I took out (I should place them in this format in the furture):
    # # BLOCKS WINDOWS UPDATE&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;
    # # Prevents Yahoo Driving Directions from loading
    # # blocks yahoo images
    # # blocks CSS and pics on livejournal
    # # This may cause problems with
    # # This may cause problems with
    # # This may cause problems with
    # # prevents certain parts of MSN from loading
    # # prevents from loading
    # # prevents from loading
    # #Prevents Macromedia Updates
    # #Prevents Macromedia Updates
    # #Prevents Macromedia Updates

    -- Xero Grid --
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    Oh, for the people who check out my installer, can you tell me any problems you might have, and what OS you&#39;re running on?

    Also, should I add a small text editor to the installer? If I were going to, I would add EditPad Lite. I&#39;&#39;ve used it and I replaced notepad with it. Very efficient. I should ask the creator of course.

    -- Xero Grid --
    <span style='color:green'>Supertrick XG Forums</span> | Supertrick XG - Your solution to ads, pop-ups, malicious code, and the rest of the garbage just floating around the web.

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    I get free advertising now.

    Great job, Xero Grid. B)

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    TextPad would be better. Include the 30-day trial and I&#39;ll see to it that the end user... fill in the rest.

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    Brilliant thanx for all the work

    What exactly is the Lock Hosts (is that something to prevent hosts from being changed?)
    why is it necessary to disable the DNS server - what is it?
    (ever since i disabled it- iget alot more questions about downloading hotmail it asks if i want to download some adxxx.dll file wtf? never seen that before-but it keeps poping up - i guess this is a good thing)
    Does the Hosts file also work with Firefox?

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    Okay, I got some big changes in mind, for starters, but I&#39;ll give out the details when I finally complete it. Shouldn&#39;t take too long.

    Since the HOSTS file is a Operating System file, it will work with any browser... and the entries will work in any operating system, except Macs have a slightly different format.

    The Lock HOSTS option is another security measure, that will make the attributes of the HOSTS file Read-Only, and hidden. You can view it, but if you&#39;re going to edit it, then you need to unlock it.

    As for the DNS client service. I made the installer so this option would only appear in Windows 2000 and XP. Now there was a problem that started with Windows 2000 that I mentioned briefly in the installer. Basically, with large HOSTS files, the service tries to cache all the locations of each entry in the file and tries to resolve them... or something to that effect. This can cause a lag about 20 or 30 seconds or so, either at boot time, or when you virst start your browser. If you open task manager, you should see "svchosts.exe" taking up 100% of your cpu during that time. Even though this generally happens in Windows 2000, I&#39;ve seen it happen with almost every XP machine I&#39;ve worked on. The option DOES NOT make any changes other than making it so the service doesn&#39;t start up on it&#39;s own.

    Choosing "Manual" will make it so if any application needs it, it will start up on it&#39;s own. Choosing "Disable" will... well disable iot completely. If you need to change the setting, you cna either uninstall and simply change the option on reinstallation, or you canoprn a run box, and type "sevices.msc" (without quotes) and it will be there.

    Keep in mind that the common user doesn not need this service, nor does it have any dependncies with Windows. There is also no known application that needs it. It isn&#39;t needed for DNS lookups, but apparently, if you attempt to repair you internet connection via opening the Local Area Connection Status menu, you will get an error.
    Please, also note, that the lag doesn&#39;t happen to every computer and I placed it there as a "just-in-case" measure, so you shouldn&#39;t have to disable the service by hand.

    A bit drawn out, but I hope that helped.

    -- Xero Grid --
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    Thanx for the info-that helps alot
    presently running it - cpu does use 100% at all.


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