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Thread: Cant Connect...

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    I cant connect to kazaa lite or any other kazaa for that matter. I also cant see some sites on the iternet that use flash stuff... I dont kno whats wrong... I've tried everything....

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    Glad you posted. It sounds like I may be having the same problem. Internet works fine in all other applications, including viewing this forum, but it does not work for SEARCH, TRAFFIC, or TOOLS. For these functions I only get a notice at the bottom of my screen reading "Connecting... " and internet never connects for these to work. If others having problems please post and/or answer if you have managed to fix this issue. TXS@!

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    Need more info (OS, specs, connection type / speed, any special hardware, etc.).

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    I have the same problem. Probably its cause of an older version we are using.

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    Its not the internet connecting just your KLite. What versions are you running, and have they been operating okay before now. What, if anything, have you changed or done differently on your comp that may have caused this, or what settings have you changed in Klite?

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    my kazza lite wont connect either ...i am running version 2.1.0 ...please help

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    treat yourselve to a new model, take your pick from Don Pedrotes site.

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    Originally posted by haxor41789@6 April 2004 - 17:01
    Need more info (OS, specs, connection type / speed, any special hardware, etc.).
    Goddamn, some people can't read.

    The best client out now is KLT K++ (topic / site), download that and see what happens.

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    Same problem here, running XP on a 56k connection via a shared internet connection. Is there anything I could try before downloading a new version? This version worked fine on my old computer, and I just went to transfer it across and now it won't connect.


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    forgot to add, KLite version is 2.1.0

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