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Thread: My Company! :(

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I have been given the daunting task of writing a 4,000 + page employee handbook, manual, policies and procedures, descriptions.......etc..

    Basically everything the entire company does from a-z.

    Do any of you know where I might get a program that templates this a bit for me? Or a free software or shareware program that helps with this task?

    I saw some programs that are $1,000 or more...yikes! I can't do that...any point in the right direction would be awesome thanks.

    My email is [email protected] if you prefer email instead.

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    If your in the UK try contacting the British Standards

    British Standards Website

    There's also the Business Link they might be able to help

    Business Link

    There's British Chambers of Commerce

    British Chambers of Commerce

    You could try the Department of Trade and Industry

    Department of Trade and Industry

    This is a useful site it's called Beyond Bricks

    Beyond Bricks

    And finally Performance Through People

    Performance Through People

    All of these sites specialise in different aspects of business, explain your work/problems to them and they maybe able to help.

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    Hmm, well, since this board allows talking about piracy, AND it's about Kazaa Lite, you might as well look for the progs that you said were $1000 on Kazaa Lite... or tell us the exact names and we'll help you search for a place where you can download them for free...

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    If it's possible that the site where they have the $1000 programs lets you download an evaluation copy, you could search for a crack/serial for it.

    P.S. Feel free to talk about piracy here since this is what got most of us started

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    Thank you for the was something like this;

    Business stuff

    I have to write all of the policies and procedures...I don't think I can do it on my own. And there is software that can help you write all the policies.

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    what country are you in? If you are in the U.S. you can write the software off as a bussiness expensse and then sell it on ebay or a used software store. Also do you have to buy the copy for legal reason or can you pirate it.

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    lol.... pirates unite

    edit: typo

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    They want me to type the whole thing from scr

    Thats why I wanted to see if there was a "open shared" version of the software...or something like it. I cant afford to by it since Im the pee on.

    But thanks for the cool feedback..everyone here is awesome!

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    This happens to be one of my job functions! I also had to do this from the ground up at two separate facilties. My questions would be first, what standard are you going to have to meet? I mean is this an ISO, QS, TD, TS or VDA spec requirement or is this simply a way of improving your companies processes. If it happens to be a required specification from your customers or your government then you would need to insure whatever template you use meets the criteria for that specification or standard.

    How our top level policies were created were simply using the standards, 2nd and 3rd level documents (procedures and manuals) were then created using the top level documents as guides while incorporating all of the required lower level information.

    No matter on what type of software you get your hands on it will still be a daunting task, more than a single person can accomplish in any sort of short order.

    Let me know about my questions and I may be able to supply you with some of my non-critical or company sensitive documents for your review, you may even be able to use the templates or at least the idea to then create your own.

    Let me know.

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    Thanks for the advice Sharedaddy.

    Currently I am gathering information. I work for a Health Club corporation. We have numerous departments. I have tons of data from expirience and paper from all the years I have been working in the industry.

    I have to convert (without plagiarizing) all of that information to a single format. I had thought that there was a simple software template or prgram that would help me layout the information for my company, ie Job Descriptions, Polocies and Procedures...blah blah blah...

    I think I was just blown away with the tons of work that is involved..and the year that I have to do it all in.


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