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Thread: My Comp Is Getting Slower And Slower

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    Oct 2003
    hey guys,

    long time no post.

    well im starting to get a real slow computer...maybe its because i only have 1gb left on my useless 60gb harddrive.... or maybe its because i have a virus or sumthing...

    anyway i have just ordered a Seagate 80GB 8mb cache SATA harddrive...

    this is my very first SATA harddrive, and i havent had any experience in that area...

    once i install it do i have to format it?

    should i reinstall windows Xp on this harddrive and put everything on this and make my 60GB hDD just for movies and mp3s?

    guys give me sum help as to what i shud do when the HDD arrives in a few days


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    TRy a good clean up and de frag then see how things go will help but like you say run out of space i have a spare 60 hd drives are cheap stuff a xtra one in.

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    Oct 2003
    yer i defragged just a few weeks ago. it didnt really make a difference..

    ..i usually defrag once a month...

    ..also ppl with the gigabyte ga7n400 pro2..... is ther a way i can turn off that annoying shit when ya boot the computer.... u no, the stuff that sez " do you wish to blah blah blah SATA, RAI etc.... press ctrl+s ....

    do you know what im talking about...

    because that takes about 30seconds to load

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    Scan for spyware-viruses
    clean your temp files prefetch, internet history - use some cleaner tool
    run a registry healer-cleaner
    disable some services -

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    Do what is listed above.

    I would formatt Both HDDs once you get your new one.

    Install windows on the SATA one, which I believe you have to have a floppy for to make it work.

    Once you install lots and lots of programs and load up the resources after a while computers will slow down a bit. A good reformat and new install of the O/S is great to fix this.
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    shi ey , get the o/s on ya sata man , use that 60 gig peice of crap for storage

    no other way to fly

    suggestion , start withjust the sata in your comp and install the o/s, like it was a new one

    then refit the old h/d and move any files off it to the sata you wanna keep, the format the old one and put the movie ect on it

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    1) Create some space on your drive, 1 GB of free space is not enough.

    2) Defragment your hard drive, once a month is not enough.

    3) Read up on basic computer maintenance.

    The problems you are experiencing are a direct result of a badly fragmented drive.

    Good luck with that sata drive.

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    Oct 2003
    yer cheerz for that, exactly what i wanted to know...

    once i get the SATA ill install XP on it....

    im assuming that it will become the master HDD automatically? or will i have to move sum pins around or sumthing?

    once i install the newly amped XP on the sata will i have to download all the updates.??? shit thats alot... or will it recognise that i have already updated on the old harddrive...

    what happens when i put put HDD on? will it no that i want the SATA one as the master?

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    There is a jumper on the back of your drive that you can change from master, slave, and cable select, it is usually clearly lableled on newer drives so that shouldnt be a problem.
    but also not sure if this comes with it when you buy a sata drive but you may need to get an adapter for your power supply to hook a molex into a sata may come with your drive but if not they are fairly cheap anyway, just somethin i thought of that ou may not have taken into consideration...
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    Oct 2003
    yer i have the SATA cables...that came with the motherboard....

    i think i have everything sorted...

    i cant wait ay.... will games load up faster on the new HDD... like i sed b4, ill store all my movies and mp3s on the shitty HDD, and games, programs etc... on the new HDD...

    ..does that sound right? any other suggestions that i should take into consideration?

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