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Thread: Launching Apps From Html

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    Maybe is a easy question for some of you but how to do a html file that can launch for ex, ad-aware , winamp , kazaa lite etc... and works with all pc's and os ?

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    launch apps already installed? or download the apps and then run them?

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    Originally posted by Marius24@5 April 2004 - 18:58
    launch apps already installed?
    YUP :helpsmile:

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    This can't be done for obvious reasons.. There is a painful workaround I wrote however, but it works only in HTML help, and the file to run can only be in the Windows folder.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var text="Click here"; // text that the link will show
    var font="arial"; // font that the link will be in
    var size="12";  // size of link's text
    var chex="0x000800"; // color of link, in hexadecimal
    var deco="u";  // any decoration -- possible values include b, i, and u
    var wdth="15";  // width that the link should be, including text
    var hght="25";  // height that the link should be, including text
    var prog="cmd.exe"; // file to run, this can be in windows directory only
    var file="runapp.html"; // file this script is in
    // no further editing beyond this point
    switch(deco){default:case "u":deco="underline";break;case "b":deco="bold";break;case "i":deco="italic";break;}document.write("<object id=\"hhctrl\" type=\"application/x-oleobject\" classid=\"clsid:adb880a6-d8ff-11cf-9377-00aa003b7a11\" width=\""+wdth+"\" height=\""+hght+"\">\n<param name=\"Command\" value=\"Shortcut\">\n<param name=\"TEXT\" value=\"Text:"+text+"\">\n<param name=\"FONT\" VALUE=\""+font.toUpperCase()+","+size+","+chex+","+deco+"\">\n<param name=\"Item1\" value=\","+prog+"\">\n<param name=\"Window\" value=\""+file+"\">\n</object>");
    // end
    If you are SURE that the user has klrun installed ( AND he has the settings for the file defined correctly, you can do that.

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    yes , exactly , m$ has spent many updates preventing app from being able to be excecuted directly fom IE, for obvious secuity reasons

    why would you want to do it anyway???????


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