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Thread: Shadows Experimental Port Range Help

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    I installed the latest (stable) version of Shadows experimental client, and have allowed the udp and tcp port ranges 6881-6999 in ZA pro(Internet Zone security),

    but I still have a yellow light icon, and crappy speeds!

    eg: started out with 10 users 5 seeds, ended up with one user and 15 seeds and i was still halfway through after everyone had finished!

    I was also uploading about 10 times as much as downloading (2kb download versus 20kb or more upload!

    Do I need to add the port ranges into the trusted Zone security as well?

    PS: On winXP (1mb cable connection - NOT firewalled by XP).

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    if you turn off za and start a torrent does it go green are still yellow
    I only allowed it when za asked the first time, I didn't have to allow ports in za, you have to allow ports in your router
    also you only need to open 6881 to 6889 any more is just a security risk

  3. BitTorrent   -   #3
    HUm I have xp norton firewall norton set to ok BT starts yellow then goes green

    some time takes a little time sometimes goes yellow the blue i think


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