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Thread: What The Heck It This

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    what is a Coldfusion site, or PHP and tell me how to do it

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    Coldfusion and PHP are programming languages.

    Well ok Coldfusion isnt as such as it is a web application that allows you to make websites with dynamically created pages done within the application for you. So their is no programming but it does have its own markup language which is similiar to HTML.

    PHP is a programming language which is parsed server-side. What that means is you write the code and the code is executed on the server and the page is returned to you complete.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Google is the magic word...Try it out!
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    can you guys help me with..

    please dont say gogle is your friend,, i have created post and thats al pepe say do a serch,, a serch doesnt help...

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    the reason ppl ignore you is cause you are asking realy dumb questions , that dont deserve a reply, wtf would you want to redirect like 40 times , some sort of scam obviously , and no one can be bothered helping you with crap like that

    go to school and learn html, and coding and then you can make the stuff up as you go , go be happy you can screw someone over, tool&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

    grow up

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