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Thread: Problems Driving Me Crazy

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    Ive basically just been downloading like films and stuff and i want to watch them on my dvd player. I tryed TMPEG but got no sound.....tryed acp and it just crashed and I cant do it! No when trying to burn an .avi file on nero it comes out all crappy no surpising really but i dont know what else to use which is free. Also when playing the avi it gets no sound only when i play it in videolan. Normally i can burn .avi files using nero just comes out shi**y with sound.

    Id be very very grateful for anyhelp, I have been pulling out my hair recentely with the video problems!!!


    :helpsmile: mark :helpsmile:

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    It all depends weather you have a dvd burner or a cdrw.
    If you have a dvd burner, you can create dvds from avi files, usually get software with burner that does this.
    If you have a cdrw, that makes it difficult, as you have to make vcd's or svcds.
    A good site, with loads of advice and programs is doom9
    This site covers pretty much everything about creating movies in different formats.
    Best of luck, sometimes they just dont work!

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    Read thru these - kvcd
    the ones "much2pls" wrote are garantueed

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    are double your money back
    yea tmpgenc works well, but need to be configured, look at the basic vcd/svcd guide in my sig


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