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Thread: File On Overnet Is Not Finishing.

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    I left my computer on for just about 2 days straight and the file that is 696 mb is stuck at 670 mb! It's been stuck there for almost 12 hours. I don't know what to do and this is really frustrating because I have a cheap computer that might blow up anytime if I leave it on too long so who knows lol.

    It keeps saying 'looking...' And hasn't done jack for the past half day. I have not turned off overnet at all for the past two days, it's just stuck there...

    Any suggestions?

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    dude I was just reading that before I came here to see new replies on my thread LOL. Do you think that should fix the problem? I don't want my download to become corrupt if it doesn't.

    EDIT: something weird just happened, the download started again without me doing anything extra...

    EDIT: It stopped again....I guess I'll have to try the edonkey forum method.

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    Check out how many users have 100% complete. Bet there's just one, and I' almost willing to bet that file is corrupt somehow. You can try the MetFileRegenerator but I found that it didn't help. IMO you should look elsewhere for this file.

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    well i cant tell u how many times iv d/led somthing and it wasnt what i wanted. first i suggest u downlaod VLC or video lan players.... well i thing thats it but my comp is down (using school comp) so i cant look to see what it was called ask muscleman... or somthing like that it allows you to play unfinished files its nice but dont work ALL the time (make sure u get the latest version).

    hope i helped in some way
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    this is what it looks like to have HIGH ID and not be firewalled

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    Keep a search open for it whilst its looking this can sometimes help.

    Video lan or Bs player will play it incomplete If that is all you want.


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