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Thread: War?

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    With the military intelligence that the US has at it's disposal, do you really think they need(ed) to declare war on entire countries just to get rid of just to get rid of one man (per country)? The number of people the US government has quickly and quietly assassinated is astounding. But wait - I guess maybe they've changed their policies in the last 3 seconds.... If this war was actually about getting rid of Saddam and Osama, then they'd already be dead. Keep 'em around, make it look good and rake in the cash. And if you don't think other powerful countries like Britain are involved you're ...ah, it's not worth it.

    Enjoy the show.

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    If this is a reply to what others are saying, why not do just that - reply, not start a new topic.

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    I thought it was a different topic. Sorry if you disagree.


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