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Thread: Fastest (interface) File Sharing Program

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    Which is the fastest file sharing program? I have a fairly slow computer and i need a program that is fast and wont hog all my system resources. I am currently using K++ 2.4.3 <-- I tihnk thats the version. Are there any other version of kazaa, or any other program that is faster?

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    2.4.3 is pretty good speed wise. Otherwise try an older version of Kazaa Lite (2.1.0), it can be downloaded from here

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    Nah, Soulseek is can never download for me(56k) and im fed up with Kazaa.

    I tried Emule but its hard getting fast downloads and you have to Always upload. That can get a anoying.

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    FastTrack sucks though.

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    Yeah, thats the one im using now, and its great.
    I just tried Shareaza but i didnt like the Gnutella network, too slow.
    It seems that Fasttrack is the fastest but it has too many corrupt files etc.

    Are there any other faster Networks?
    Dont bother telling me about the Emule stuff, that stuff is terrible for me.

    Oh yeah, im also on a 56k Modem.

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    Maybe the MP2P network?


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