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Thread: Not Sharing File?

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    Hi Hi all
    I downloaded the file to stop ppl seeing your files,,but today i noticed
    that im starting to see a lot of klite masters downloading from me (happy To see ) but when i try to have a look at what files are been shared
    over 90% is nothing, i know that not all is down to the file (patch)
    but if we all start to use this patch i think it will be a shame as most of us here have a good share folder wiht a lot of good stuff ( I share 66gig )
    A lot of times when looking at ppl files i find things i want but i was'int looking for ,,what do you think ?


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    Don't forget you can choose to hide your files in the new version of k-lite, a measure to help with the whole RIAA MPAA issue I think.

    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans


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