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Thread: Download Speed

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    I tried paul's hint, did the manual movie search & bi-passed the router. I was
    getting great speeds on my downloads. I restarted the machine the other day &
    now everyone is still uploading from me fine, but i'm back to snail pace or nothing
    at all. I'd appreciate any constructive input. I have some movies half loaded. The
    router is still bi-passed.


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    If your using a p2p program, there might not be as many clients as there used to. Its not your own hardware most likely.

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    I haven't figured the nodes thing, could that help?

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    Got router?™

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    The router is disconnected, I am running direct to puter. I don't understand why
    the downloads slowed down after rebooting. There must be something simple that
    I am missing. How do these supernodes work, maybe I should give it a try.

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    How about a firewall?

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    There is no fire wall, just norton 2003 anti-virus. what about down load accelerator & supernodes?

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    OK, turn off all your internet programs and go here.


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