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    May have been posted but i still LOL at it so here goes.....

    One day during school a teacher decide she would play a guessing game with her infant class. She held up a picture of a tiger and asked the children if they knew what it was. After waiting a couple of minutes without getting a response she deiced she would give them a clue.” what kind of animal has stripes”, she asks. A little boy shouts out” It’s a tiger miss" . "Well done", the teacher says and proceeds to hold up a picture of a giraffe.” Now what animal is this", she asks. Again after getting no response she gives them a clue. "What animal has a long neck", she asks them. A little girl stands up and says "It's a giraffe miss". "Well done", says the teacher while holding up a picture of a deer. "what kind of animal is on this picture", she asks. After another couple of minutes without receiving a response she gives them a clue.” What kind of animal has big horns on its head”, she asks. To her surprise no one answers. So she gives them another clue.” Your Mum might call your Dad this sometimes”, she says. A little boy jumps up and shouts "I know what it is, I know what it is". "Do tell”, says the teacher. The little boy replies” It’s a horny bastard".

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