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Thread: Nintendo 64 Not Working Need Help

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    Alright, sorry about my last post because i realized it was just a waste of time. I found all the coards plugged everything in right and turned it on. I got the blinking red light but couldnt get any game to work. I think its the system but not sure. No sound, noise or anything, It could just be the TV but Idk. I mean the red light goes on so i dont know. ANy ideas?

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    get a playstation :music1: or buy a new 64 a pawn shop oly be like 10$

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    hmmm this is something i need to see but check maybe if your TV is tuned or ur on AV. Have u checked with multiple games maybe it could just be that 1 game. maybe the chord to ur TV is faulty.

    Hope this help
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    I don&#39;t think any lights are supposed to "blink"

    Regular N64, right ?

    -Plug adaptor in back
    -Plug powercord in adaptor
    -Connect N64 to TV, either with SCART, Y-adaptor, or cable adaptor
    -Plug in game
    -Turn on console

    Just follow the pictures in the manual

    If you get the power light to work, the problem is
    a - your game is screwed
    b - your wires aren&#39;t hooked up right
    c - your TV is on the wrong channel/setting
    d - your cables to the TV are screwed
    e - your console broke down.

    Since the N64 is indestructible, "e" is out of the question... just switch channels/games /cables until it works. Good hunting &#33;

    No sound, noise or anything
    The N64 has hardly any moving parts (no CD drive, no fan) so you&#39;re not supposed to hear a thing. The miracles of the cartridge....

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    lol thats pretty cool but i dont its too strong B)


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